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Crossings and transitions

We are living through a historic time of major challenges which urgently require addressing from all areas. Climate change, the social, economic and health crises, the ageing of the population, technological advances and digital transformation… push us towards new ways of living, of doing and of being —more sustainable, more inclusive and more creative—, and to imagine and move towards kind, shared and safe futures for all living beings.

In this context, stakeholders (people and organisations) from the different cultural and creative sectors are called upon to become more involved and to proactively take part by proposing solutions from the traditional and emerging disciplines, crossing artistic, cultural, creative, social, scientific and technological practices, as we too cross between the different creative sectors.

The theme for this year is based on reflection about the concept of TRANSIT, transiting transversally and generating crossings, organic or radical, from which to start TO DO. Unlearning the “linearity” of processes, products and services to innovate from the “circularity”, from collaboration and from hybridisation. Learn from and with other disciplines, in short, we cross and mix to transit towards value proposals which address the challenges in a different way.

What would happen if we incorporate concepts from the philosophy in the design process? And if we were to mix crafts with artificial intelligence? What would come out of mixing audiovisual communication, participative design and sustainability? Could we cross video game companies and industrial companies to generate value? Could art, design and technology address the challenge of the ageing population?

The BBDW21 seeks to be a space for reflection, debate, co-creation… about how to unleash these crossings between what is different, sustainable over time, which generate a real transition towards new ways of doing, new opportunities and new futures.