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The inhabited wall of Fermont (or the cities that can only be a house)

19 November | From 19:00 h to 21:00 h

Source Code Audiovisual by Pedro Torrijos

For several thousand years, humans have been living in cities, so every city should be home. However, there are places where it is virtually impossible to tell them apart: space, the oil rigs, Whittier (where the whole town is a building) or the inhabited wall of Fermont; the prosaic yet mundane house-town that was built as the last bulwark against the Canadian subarctic wind.

What is audiovisual source code?

The Audiovisual Source Code is a hybrid format that is halfway between an audiovisual lecture and a commented projection. A scenic format, a kind of game in which the guest dives into his or her audiovisual references to share a story around a theme or research.

Pedro Torrijos

Communicator. Pedro Torrijos tells stories. And he tells stories because that is what he has always wanted to do. A trained musician and architect, he has been telling stories in every form and format since 2011. In newspaper and magazine articles. In soundscapes for podcasts and radio. In the unique language of social networks. At parties, christenings and conferences. And if you meet him in the street, he will probably tell you a story.

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