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Bring your toys to life

taller stopmotion mugigeldi

Bring your toys to life

Stop motion workshop

20 November | From 12:00 h to 13:30 h
taller stopmotion mugigeldi

Stop motion animation techniques will be explained during a one-hour session. When you can learn the basic concepts to bring your toys to life.

Who hasn't dreamt of bringing their toys to life?

Bring your favourite toy and learn how to animate it using the stop motion technique.

Mugigeldi has been giving workshops in Spain since 2017, mostly at film festivals, and you can now enjoy one of these workshops in Bilbao.

It is a family workshop. Children from 5 years old can come, always accompanied.

Sign up at mugigeldi@gmail.com


Edificio Ensanche. Aula 1º planta
taller stopmotion mugigeldi
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