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"Design and creation of Bioplastics"


"Design and creation of Bioplastics"

Learn about different sustainable materials and create your own biomaterial.

22 November | From 17:00 h to 19:00 h


We will start with a short presentation on biomaterials and sustainable design, which we hope will provide an overview of trends in materials innovation and a deeper understanding of what sustainability means to attendees.

During the workshop we will seek to:

- View design from the perspective of a sustainable future: look beyond existing boundaries to anticipate the needs and challenges facing society, to ensure a healthy and regenerative environment for future generations.

- Decode the concept of sustainability: using design and materiality as a platform to critically question what sustainability is.

- Introduce a variety of materials: application and processing of research methodologies that demonstrate a basic technical knowledge of materials production and development.

- Ability to explore and develop own material experiments, and a cohesive way to document and present samples.

We will end the meeting by getting hands-on, teaching attendees how to make their own DIY bioplastics with non-toxic and healthy ingredients.


*We have a total of twelve places available.



Basque Biodesign Center