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18 - 25 November | From 10:00 h to 20:00 h
Designing optimism

Kaunas has a hidden miracle and the time has come to reveal it. This miracle consists of more than 6,000 buildings, designed in the modernist spirit and surviving to the present day. It is an open-air school of good taste and style. It is also a museum of beautiful life, dispersed through the streets, courtyards, and avenues of Kaunas – discovered, washed and restored to its past glory. But it is not just about buildings and sites, it is also about people who built and cultivated them – their stories, their lives and their thoughts. It is about the city’s [nation’s?] rebirth and hope, about creative attitude and inspiring productive optimism, about growth of ideas and visions, about art and freedom. It is about changing forms, visual interpretation of values, about creating modernist-inspired design and art objects. It is about initiating a new golden age, creating contemporary gems, drawing inspiration from Kaunas interwar modernist architecture.

Edificio Ensanche
Logo Kaunas 2022