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18 - 25 November | From 11:00 h to 16:00 h
Materiales de la imagen por @bio.materiality

Biodesign by essence is the intersection between art and science, giving rise to materials that not only offer strategic solutions to current problems, such as the lack of natural resources, water and air pollution, or mountains of plastic but also define new aesthetics for the future.

At our Materialistas exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to interact with pieces and artefacts in which the designer has combined artisan techniques rooted in local cultures with cutting-edge technologies and explored new creative fields that blur the boundaries between disciplines, generating transversal concepts applicable to fashion, product design and architecture. At the Basque BioDesign Center we promote the development of new materials that mimic nature such that even if they are sometimes (bio)synthetic, i.e., created by man, they behave like nature and are imperceptibly incorporated into the natural ecosystem without leaving a negative footprint. Visitors to Materialistas will discover that synthetic nature can not only support the regeneration of the planet but also our social and cultural fabric.

Through interaction with tangible samples and projects at the exhibition, we seek to immerse visitors in the innovative discipline of BioDesign, exploring the essential concepts of biology applied to design.


*Exhibition open to the public except for Saturday and Sunday.

Basque Biodesign Center / Barrio Lasier, 15 - A, Gueñes
Basque BioDesign Center