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Upcycling with paint


Upcycling with paint

New life for clothes

20 - 21 November | From 17:30 h to 15:00 h

The “Upcycling with paint” event, starts on 20 November and consists of two parts. The first at 17:30 involves movement through the streets of Bilbao and the second at 19:30 will be hung on "The Green Wall" of La Terminal de Zawp, where it will remain on display until 21 November at 15:00.

Upcycling with paint is an exhibition of different creations by artist Catalina María on items of unused clothing.

The exhibition aims to raise awareness concerning the serious problem posed by consumerism for the planet and its ecosystems, particularly textile consumerism, caused by fashion industry waste during its creation, consumption and disposal.

Catalina Maria uses paint in her artistic project ARTEK to transform pieces of clothing discarded due to boredom, deterioration or simply out of control consumerism, into pieces that are unique and renewed, increasing their value, and thus prolonging their life cycle whilst reducing the waste they produce. The painted garments become true works of art applied to everyday life, as their ultimate purpose is to be worn like any other garment, but for a longer period.

The aim of all this is to demonstrate, on the one hand, the multiple possibilities of a single item of clothing by applying paint and creativity to it, and on the other hand, the possibilities that such items of clothing can offer pictorial artists, which they can turn into canvases for their work, with the extra challenge of the volume and movement of the final work, not being limited to the 2D of a traditional canvas.

The exhibition will start on Saturday 20 November at 17:30 in Jardines de Albia in Bilbao, where different people will gather in some of Catalina's creations. After a 20-minute photo session open to the public, they will parade along the Gran Vía to the Moyúa metro stop, where they will take the underground to the ZAWP exhibition space at La Terminal FICC building (C/Pintor Ignazio Zuloaga, 3). (Itinerary from Deusto: exit Iruña and walk or take the A4 bus line (in case of rain).

Once there, they will add their garments to those already on display at the space to form the final exhibition, which will remain open to the public on Saturday 20 in the afternoon (19:00 - 21:00) and will continue on Sunday morning (10:30 - 15:00).

If you would like to participate in the first part of the event and wear Artek clothing around Bilbao, please contact us at artek.trashumante@gmail.com. You can do so up to and including 1 November.


La Terminal FICC (ZAWP) C/Pintor Ignazio Zuloaga, 3, Bilbao