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The intersection of music and architecture


The intersection of music and architecture

20 November | From 19:00 h to 23:30 h

Architects and musicians have been in contact throughout history, to provide feedback on their creative processes and endow their respective arts with new compositional elements. This event will reflect on the relationship between avant-garde architecture and the production of the contemporary urban scene with: Nuria Moliner, Ibon Bilbao of Arquitectos de Cabecera and Antonio Giráldez and Pablo Ibáñez of Bartlebooth publishers. We will finish with a concert by Ama Say.

An event to say goodbye to this edition of URBANBATfest and to celebrate the past ten years in style.


Nuria Moliner

Architect and musician. Architect, researcher, communicator. Presenter and content advisor on Escala Humana, on TVE's La 2. Editor at Actar Publishers, urbanNext.net and BcnMés and researcher at UIC Barcelona Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Industrialised and Sustainable Construction. Speaker and presenter at events such as the MIES Awards, the FAD Awards, BBConstrumat or the Genio-Innovation Awards and the European University of Madrid.

Ibon Bilbao

Architect at Aq4 Arquitectura and Llindar Arquitectura. Co-director of the Arquitectos de Cabecera project since 2013. Associate Professor of the ETSAB-UPC Department of Architectural Projects since 1998. Lecturer on UPC Masters 2003-2012, PFG Tribunal, Assistant Director of ETSAB UPC 2014-2016 and PhD Supervisor at the Royal College of Art London since 2019.


Publisher. A publishing and research platform that examines contemporary spatial practice, currently developed by Antonio Giráldez and Pablo Ibáñez. Has been showed and recognised in different spaces and contexts: Publications Award of the Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism BIAU (2019), Research Exhibition of the XIV Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (2018) Arquia/Innova Award (2018) and Spanish Pavilion at the 16th Venice Biennale (2018) among others.

Ama Say

Rock band. Formed in 1991 in Ortuella (Bizkaia), influences are the Pixies, Sonic Youth or Charlatans, the band combines lyrics in English and Basque. Released two albums and a single between 1991 and their disappearance in 1997; returned to the stage in 2008. Today, the band is formed by Ibon Bilbao, Gontzal Bilbao, Mikel Gonzalezek and Joakin G. Picaza.

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URBANBATfest 2021
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