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Women in construction

Coloquio - Mujeres en la construcción

Women in construction

Colloquium - Women in construction

23 November | From 18:30 h to 20:00 h
Coloquio - Mujeres en la construcción

Bizkaia's interior decorators and designers have a long history of success in the world of decoration and interior design.

The fact is that the main interior design studios in Bizkaia are run by women, or their teams are comprised of women.

However, on-site construction work, both in terms of trade management and coordination, and the work of builders and construction companies, is a parallel and different universe.

To make women’s work in the construction field more visible, the Official Association of Interior Decorators and Designers of Bizkaia is organising a colloquium for women to debate the following topics:

1. Women on-site

Do you recall having experienced sex discrimination on-site?

Are there any/are you aware of any women's guilds?

2. Construction and conciliation

Is personal life compatible with working life (in the construction sector)? What about family conciliation?

How can we improve in this area?

Organised by the CODDB, will include the participation of female decorators and designers who work in the building and construction field.

You can get your free invitation  HERE

See you on the 23rd!

Eraikune - BBF. C/ Uribitarte 3, 3ª Planta - 48009, Bilbo